• Where does Ionica products come from?

    All Coffins, Caskets and Accessories are fully imported from Italy. All products are a signature finished product.

  • What do you mean by signature finished product?

    All Coffins, Caskets and Accessories are signed by the manufacture in Italy, and has a guarantee.

  • What is Ionica products made from?

    All Coffins and Caskets are made from solid Mahogany, which has a thickness of 55mm. The Coffins & Caskets weigh up to 80kgs alone. The Accessories are made from solid brass.

  • Does Ionica products come fully assembled?

    Yes, All Coffins and Caskets come fully assembled with your choice of Handles, Crucifixes, & Name Plates.

  • What is Ionica Lining made from?

    Ionica Lining is made from the most Purest Silks which comes from a place in Italy called Treviso. All Linings also come with a Blanket and a 3 inch Mattress.

  • Does Ionica products come in different sizes?

    Yes, Ionica do have different sizes in there Coffins & Caskets.